Meet Brian - Premium Meathouse

Tell us a bit about your shop?
We are a specialist butcher store located in Randwick offering premium quality meat. We have a state of the art dry ageing facility, first class meat and gourmet creations. We offer some of the most superior quality brands including Great Southern, Red Gum, as well as our signature offering, Pinnacle Beef.
What is your position at Premium Meathouse and how big is your team?
I am the manager and butcher here are Premium Meathouse Randwick and have been working here for about 10 years. There are 3 other employees in our team.
What is the most popular order?
Our Beef range is our most popular range including; scotch fillets and fillet sirloin. The quality of our branded beef range ensures that customer receive a marbled product that is tender and with delicious flavours.

What is your favorite recipe with the produce from Premium Meathouse?
My favourite recipe from the produce at Premium Meathouse would definitely have to be Pepper steak.
What is the most unusual or funny request you have had from a customer?
The most unusual request I have had is from a customer asking for Emu and another customer asking for horse, defiantly not something that is regularly requested.
What is the best part about your job?
The best part about my Job is dealing with customers, and being able to handle and sell such great quality and premium products that our customers love.
When you’re not working, what do you like to do in your spare time?
I like to spend my time outdoors and with nature, whether that be walking, exercising or going to the beach.
What makes Royal Randwick Shopping Centre a great part of the community?
Royal Randwick Shopping Centre is a small centre which means that we get to know everyone by name in the center. We also have the pleasure of getting to know all the customers that come here and shop with us.