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Meet Denae - Christopher's Cake Shop

Tell us a bit about your café/restaurant:
Christopher's Cake Shop is one of the oldest shop operations since 1955. We have proudly served the Randwick community our traditional and contemporary cakes and sweets for 7 years. Christopher’s Cake shop is a family business with everything freshly baked. Our product range includes traditional Greek cakes and pastries using authentic ingredients which vary from our famous baklava to our Greek custard galaktoboureko.

What is your position at Christophers Cake Shop in Randwick and how big is your team?  
I am the manager of Christophers Cake shop in Royal Randwick and I have a team of eight who help serve delicious drinks, traditional pastries and desserts everyday.

What is the most popular cake or treat in your store? 
The most popular treat is our almond biscuit (kourambides) because we use the finest ingredients which creates an authentic Greek taste. Our pies and traditional spanakopita are also a popular lunch time favourite.
...And what is your favourite? 
I love all our different cakes and pastries but my favourite would have to be the baby cashew fingers wrapped in filo pasty with a light syrup. I also love our $5.80 cake range that pairs perfectly with a coffee!

What is your favourite time of the year?
Easter and Christmas is our favourite time of year because we have many products for special occasions. We love to see people come in store to choose what their family love to eat around these festive times.
What is the best part about your job?
To satisfy our customers with delicious food and a great customer experience :) We receive a lot of positive feedback on how fresh and delicious our cakes and pastries are as our products are extremely unique.
When you’re not working, what do you like to do in your spare time?
When I am not in the store I love to enjoy my time outdoors, taking long walks and visiting my grandchildren. I also love visiting the theatre and seeing new shows to relax.
What makes Royal Randwick Shopping Centre a great part of the community? 
Royal Randwick offers a variety of things such as fresh food, fashion, services etc. which makes it great local hub for everything you need. It is also great for families because of the local library, a 2 level carpark and seasonal kids activities.