Meet Montarna Pitt

Montarna Pitt is equal parts creative entrepreneur, fashion muse, social butterfly and most recently, stylish mama.

An Eastern suburbs local, she founded her PR company, The Audience Agency, at the age of 23 and today it’s one of Australia’s leading communication firms. In 2018 she married her long term partner, becoming Mrs Montarna Pitt, and in September 2019 she gave birth to her daughter Parker Joan.

We are so excited to be working with Montarna, who will be sharing some of her ideas, inspirations, recipes and so much more with us!

Read our Q&A with Montarna to find out a bit more about this wonder woman who seems to just do it all...

RR:  Describe yourself in 3 words.

MP:  Creative, ambitious and optimistic.


RR:  You’re the founder of a PR company, a creative entrepreneur, fashion muse, social butterfly and dedicated mum, with another on the way. How do you do it all?? Share your secret!

MP:  Sadly I don’t have a secret to keeping all those balls in the air! I learned early on in my career not to sweat the small stuff and to prioritise and plan my days. Sometimes I feel like I’m nailing it, other days I can feel a little overwhelmed but I love being busy and wouldn’t have it any other way. Having a young daughter really helps me live in the moment too.


RR:  Top 5 things you could not live without and why?

MP:  My iPhone for staying connected and getting inspired on IG, Pinterest etc.
Scented candle on my desk to keep things calm.
My engagement ring for obvious reasons!
Water bottle supercharged to keep me hydrated and healthy
Laptop which is my office-on-the-go at the moment while I juggle running my agency, renovating our home, looking after my daughter and organising pre natal doctor appointments.

RR:  What you are most looking forward to when COVID-19 restrictions are fully lifted?

MP:  I can’t wait to have our families on both sides over to our house in Paddington for a gorgeous long lunch. It’s been months since we were all together, it will be so precious to spend time with everyone and host in our home after so long.


Stay tuned for regular ideas, inspirations, tips and tricks, recipes and much more that Montarna will be sharing with us over the coming months!

Find Montarna here on Instagram.