Meet Pat - Pharmacist at Blooms The Chemist

How long have you been with Blooms The Chemist Network?
I joined Blooms in 2014 when I purchased Blooms the Chemist out in Richmond. I took a bit of a step back from that store in early 2019 when I joined Paul and the team at Coogee with a view of moving into the stores at Randwick. Timing wise it worked really well as I also moved down near Cronulla and the prospect of driving the 1hr 40 min our to Richmond every day was not appealing!

What’s a typical day like at Blooms The Chemist?
Every day is a bit different but we have a really great team and great engagement with our customers and the community which is really rewarding. The best thing is being able to help people solve or manage their health problems. A key part of our day to day job is being able to advise people effective treatments for some really common health complaints. There is nothing more gratifying that having a customer come back to thank me for suggesting they use a treatment that has proved effective! I also find it really satisfying to work with the doctors in our area to help manage the medication needs of some of the more complex patients.

I also really enjoy the community aspect of the job. It is nice to be able to see people month to month and have a bit of a catch up about how their family is going and what holidays they have been on!

What makes you the most proud to work for Blooms The Chemist?
Our people. It really is a pleasure to come to work and be around such a motivated and committed team.


What’s a common question you get from your friends about your job?
My close group of friends are mainly pharmacists or other healthcare professionals! I think it means that we all have a pretty good understanding of each others day to day.

How do you like to spend your free time?
I am a big sports fan and love Sydney FC. I was amazed over the weekend when the A-League restarted and I think I sort of realised how much I had missed it! Apart from that the obvious spending time with my family. I have a little daughter (soon to be 6 months old).The joy you get when you walk into the room and your little baby looks up and smiles at you is infectious!
I am also lucky to have a great group of friends and really enjoy catching up for a BBQ or having a sneaky long week end away as a group.

What has most influenced you in your life so far?
Probably my wife. She is also a pharmacist and super professionally driven working in paediatrics and patient safety. She inspires me to do better at everything I do as well as encouraging me to pursue my goals.

Sliding doors moment: what would you do for a career if you weren’t doing this?
I am a mad Formula 1 fan and I have always thought that if I didn't study pharmacy i would have studied some form of engineering with the aim of working for a F1 team. There is something incredibly intoxicating seeing a car go around a race track averaging in excess of 200km/h. I also love the fact that it is a global spectacle which means I can combine my love of travel with Formula 1 Grand Prix. So far I have been lucky enough to go to races in Malaysia, Monaco, Singapore and China.

What’s the number one health tip you’ve learned over the years?
Stay active and do some exercise. It is so important for mental and physical health. My wife and I each have fitness tracking watches and we get a little competitive in trying to outdo each other. Nothing like competition for a little motivation!

What’s the best thing that’s happened to you in the last 12 months?
The birth of my daughter. It is amazing how it changes priorities. We were lucky in some ways as she was born in February and with the lock downs around COVID it meant that I was at home more than I might have been otherwise.