Spoil Dad this Father’s Day!

Dad will be impressed when the kids get creative this Father’s Day. What better way to say ‘I love you Dad’ than with a personalised card and gift wrap!
Father’s Day Personalised Wrapping Paper
Have the kids create their very own handmade wrapping paper for dad. We’ve created some super cute printable templates to help you out. Follow these steps:

Step 1. Download the  printable sheets and choose which one you like
Step 2. Print in either A4 or A3 depending on the size of your present
Step 3. Let the kids colour in with markers, pencils, crayons or paint
Step 4. Wrap your gift in the personalised gift wrap

Dad will love this personal touch and the best part is you can do this for grandpa, pop or anyone else in your family.

Father’s Day Shirt Card
Finish off your present with a handmade card that Dad can keep as a memory forever.
Here are some simple steps to make a super cute shirt card:

Items you will need – coloured paper (at least two colours), glue, scissors, crayons or pencils

Step 1. Download our  template
Step 2. Print onto A4 paper or card stock (any colour you like)
Step 3. Page 1 of the template is the ties, cut out one of the ties and decorate. Put this aside for later as it will be glued on the front of the card
Step 4. Page 2 of the template is the card – cut along the full lines and fold along the dotted line. The two slits at the top of card can be folded to make the collar
Step 5. Place the tie onto the front of the card
Step 6. Colour and decorate the card and don’t forget a personal message for dad on the inside.