The Best DIY Mother's Day Crafts for Kids

There’s nothing more special than kids creating their own masterpieces for Mother’s Day. Whether it’s a homemade Mother’s Day card, or a creative gift made during art and craft time, it’s lovely for kids to make something unique to celebrate Mother’s Day.
That’s why we’ve put together our top three easy-to-make craft activities using items commonly found around the home.
These simple, DIY Mother’s Day craft ideas will be so much fun for kids to make and will result in a memorable gift to be treasured. 

1. Love Heart Card 

Creating a personalised love heart card is one of the best presents around. All you need is some paper, pencils and scissors and you’re set. Simply fold an A4 piece of paper in half and on one side, draw half a love heart. Using scissors follow the outline you drew and cut the shape out gently. Once completed, open up the cut out to see your heart shaped card! Add on some drawings and a note inside for that extra finishing touch.

Mother's Day Heart Card

2. Handprint Flower Bouquet

A handprint flower bouquet is a popular kid's craft activity . This idea is a great way to have fun and get messy with your kids, whilst making something that is completely adorable. For this activity, simply select a range of paints and mix a combination of colours onto a palette or plastic plate, then using a brush,  paint the colours gently onto your child's hand.

Stamp their hand down directly onto a clean piece of paper. Create a few variations of ‘hand stamps’ at different heights then leave the artwork out to dry. Once dried, paint on some stems to connect the ‘hand stamps’ and turn them into a beautiful flower bouquet. You can add on some leaves, love hearts, a bow, glitter or stickers to finsh off the artwork.
Handprint Flower Bouquet

3. Pasta Flower Bouquet

If you’re wanting to do something less messy with your kids, try creating a flower bouquet using coloured pasta instead of paint. It’s a straightforward and easy to do activity that everyone will enjoy. To do this activity, start with getting your kids to draw on a vase and stems for the flowers using colouring pencils or markers.  Then using craft glue, stick a variety of coloured pasta above the vase to create the flower bouquet.

Write a short and sweet message on the side, or frame the artwork to create a long-lasting masterpiece. This is a fun and creative way to make a Mother’s Day artwork using items from around the home. 

Pasta Flower Bouquet

4. Colouring In Pages 

With an array of free printable Mother’s Day colouring in pages, you can spend the afternoon creating homemade crafts at ease. Print out some stencils or outlines from online webpages like   
Homemadegifts’, or look in the supermarket for some great colouring books too. It's a quick and fun activity that you'll all enjoy. 

Colouring In Pages for Mother's Day