Award Season Special

Red carpet trends are tricky. Some will go into a style abyss, alongside tracksuit dresses and popped collars. Others will make their way into the wardrobes of we, mere mortals.

From the Golden Globes to the People’s Choice Awards, these are the only trends that matter. Prepare for a shopping frenzy.

You wear the pants 
At the People’s Choice Awards, trousers were the top pick. These weren’t your basic black work pants though, with cropped capris to wide leg jumpsuits making an appearance. 
Ways to wear: Classic cuts carry off brights best; navy is safer for a trendy wide leg and team a capri with a tunic or short dress for a stylish silhouette.

Caped crusader 
You saw J-Lo in a mustard yellow one that said ka-pow at the Golden Globes. The new mini-capes (a style that swings above the hip) are more romantic than the sort you see on superheroes. 
Ways to wear: Team with an above-the-knee skirt or straight leg trousers - you want to keep your silhouette clean and tailored. As for bags, shoulder styles will slip off, so choose a tote or clutch instead.

Crop it like it’s hot 
Showing skin on the red carpet is about as ground-breaking as florals for spring. But instead of backless gowns or thigh high splits, cut-outs made the cut for Kate Hudson and Jennifer Lawrence at the Golden Globes.
Ways to wear: Pair a tight crop with a high-waisted bottom half (points for doubling up on the same print or colour), or try a looser fitting trapeze cut with fitted shorts or pants.

Take the plunge 
We’d love to know how many Hollywood Tape rolls are lost in the making of a red carpet event. We’re looking at you Rooney Mara, Kirsten Dunst and Katy Perry. 
Ways to wear: Best for ladies of the modest-chest variety, unless you fancy a wardrobe malfunction (Don’t want to flash everyone when reaching for the bread basket? Recruit nipple daisies, high-tech bras and double-sided tape, stat). Long sleeves, or a long hemline are a must to counterbalance that racy neckline.

All white erry’thing 
White has a bad rep for being unforgiving (not to mention bridal), but on celebs like Taraji P. Henson and Saoirse Ronan, it was out-of-this-world angelic. 
Ways to wear: First, stock up on NapiSan. Then try precisely tailored white jackets and pants, or whimsical sheer detailed dresses for a fresh, high impact look.

Kiss and makeup 
The People's Choice Awards 2016 will forever be known as the night of no lip colour. Well, not exactly, but bold statement lips took a backseat to nude pouts, with the stars keeping the focus on their eyes. 
Ways to wear: After a shade that brings life to your face, rather than washes you out? Fair to olive skin, go for a nude with pink undertones. For a medium to