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Hop into Healthy Life for a Healthier Easter

Australia’s largest health and wellness retailer Healthy Life is ensuring no Australian misses out on Easter regardless of any allergies, ethical choices or dietary requirements, with a range of natural, organic, vegan, gluten and dairy free products available across its nationwide stores.
With three in four Australians intolerant to dairy, one in seven affected by a gluten sensitivity, and millions more choosing not to eat animal products or highly processed foods for ethical or health reasons, Healthy Life has more than doubled its offering of healthier Easter options this year.
Easter can be a particularly stressful time for parents of children with food intolerances so we’re especially excited about offering Australian mums and dads the chance to bring the Easter bunny into their home without worrying about allergic reactions and upset tummies  Healthy Life Chief Marketing Officer Simon Cheng 

From Moo Free’s dairy free eggs that taste like milk chocolate to Organic Times’ range of ethical and environmentally-friendly Easter goodies, we have taken great care to curate a range of Easter products ­that celebrate the best certified organic chocolate and ingredients for all of our customers including those who are looking for treats without artificial additives and preservatives, as well as dairy free options for the increasing number of Australians who can’t or don’t want to eat food containing animal products.
Just like any great Easter egg hunt, Healthy Life scoured the world in search of the best quality and most affordable healthy treats with this year’s Easter range including:
  • Organic Times Easter Eggs: For lovers of premium quality chocolate, these eggs are made with couverture chocolate, are fair trade, certified organic, free of gluten, dairy, GMOs and palm oil – and the packaging is made from recycled cardboard.
  • Moo Free Easter Eggs: While these eggs taste like milk chocolate, they are DF, GF, soya free, wheat free, lactose free, casein free, organic, VG, VE and free of food allergens. Moo Free also has the royal seal of approval winning Queen Elizabeth II’s Award for Enterprise 2016 – the highest official UK award for British businesses.
  • The Carob Kitchen Easter Eggs: Great for kids, these eggs are organic, carob treats that are GF, DF, have no added sugar and are 99% caffeine free.
  • Ancient Grains Gourmet Hot Cross Buns: Hand-crafted, traditionally baked and made from organic flour, these buns are friendlier on the gut and GF options are available.
  • Bowan Island Gourmet Hot Cross Bun: All natural and great tasting, Sydney’s original sourdough bakery is offering traditional and Belgian chocolate hot cross buns which are available in Healthy Life’s Sydney stores.
Healthy Life’s range of healthier Easter eggs are mostly 100% certified organic, Fair Trade certified, Pesticide free, GMO free, contain no palm oil or artificial ingredients and are made from high-quality couverture chocolate with a wide selection of gluten and dairy free options.