Staff parking

Ticketless parking is here - make sure you're registered to receive staff parking rates.

Apply for staff parking here

Royal Randwick Shopping Centre uses ticketless parking and all staff at Royal Randwick Shopping Centre are eligible to apply for staff parking rates.

There are two options:

  • Casual: $8 / day (Monday - Saturday), for a time period of up to 24 hours. From 1 January 2023, the $8 daily rate will also apply for staff on Sundays and public holidays to ensure we are keeping the best spaces available for customers, seven days a week.
  • Monthly: $160 / month, park as many times as you like during the month for a set fee.

To access the staff parking rate, you must park in the nested area on B2.

How do I apply for staff parking?

To access staff parking rates, you need to be registered through the new online portal.

  1. Apply for staff parking here.
  2. Verify your employment by visiting Centre Management (10am – 2pm, Monday – Friday) in uniform or by providing a letter from your manager or a payslip.
  3. Once verified, you will be emailed an invitation to register from

If you haven’t completed the full registration process above before entering the car park (or if you park on B1 instead of B2), customer parking rates will apply up to the full daily rate of $35.

For any questions relating to staff parking please contact Centre Management on 9398 9099, email or contact the parking team on 1300 551 131.

Online portal T&Cs

Car park conditions of entry

Frequently asked questions

What is ticketless parking?

Ticketless parking uses licence plate recognition to capture and record the entry and exit time of each car that enters the carpark, removing the need for boom gates, paper tickets and access cards. By going ticketless, traffic will flow more freely through the entrances and exits, removing the need for customers to wait for a boom gate to open when arriving at the carpark.

Why have you introduced ticketless parking? Are there any benefits?

Through our satisfaction surveys, some of our customers have suggested ticketless parking as a way to improve our parking experience. Our new ticketless system will help to improve the flow of traffic in the carpark, reduce congestion at the entries and exits, improve overall experience of Royal Randwick customers.

How does the new ticketless parking work for staff parkers?

The new system is based on licence plate recognition. On entry there is no boom gate or ticket issued, so you can drive straight in with a digital clock displaying your entry time. When you enter the car park, the ticketless parking system will capture your entry via licence plate recognition technology. This will record the time of entry and assign this entry time to the licence plate. To ensure you are charged the staff rate, staff parkers must drive down to B2. There is a second licence plate reader on the ramp, which will recognise your profile and apply the staff parking rate to your account. When you exit the car park, you will pass two licence plate readers. The first, on the up ramp from B2, will identify you have left the staff parking area. Then, the licence plate reader at the exit will connect to your profile and debit your nominated payment method with the $8 rate. You can also pay your $8 fee at one of the automatic payment stations or tap to pay at the boom gate.

Do I need to register to receive the staff parking rate?

As with our previous staff parking process, all staff will need to register for staff parking. There is a new online portal which manages your access to the car park via your nominated licence plate and where you can register payment details for a seamless exit. You will only be able to access staff parking rates if you have registered for the online portal.

Will staff parking costs increase?

Staff parking will continue to be available for the daily $8 rate or $160 monthly rate. From 1 January 2023, the $8 daily rate will be introduced for staff parkers on Sundays and public holidays.

Do I have to pay a fee to register on the online portal?

There is no cost to register.

Why are you introducing paid parking on Sundays?

Managing parking on Sundays will help to ensure the best car spaces are available for customers, seven days a week, by discouraging non-genuine customers from parking in the carpark for long periods of time and not shopping at the centre.

How will you know I am a staff member?

To complete your registration you will need to provide proof of employment in centre at the Centre Management Office (10am – 2pm Monday to Friday). Proof of employment can include arriving at CMO in uniform, providing a payslip or a letter from your manager. Other reasonable forms of identification will also be considered.

How many vehicles can I register to my account?

Each staff member can register up to two vehicles. If two vehicles registered under the same profile are parked in the carpark at the same time, one vehicle will be charged up to the full daily rate.

What happens if I don’t register my car’s details in the online portal?

You will be charged as a regular customer.

Will I need to rebate staff?

The decision to rebate staff for parking expenses will be up to each retailer.

Won’t this now be harder for me to employ staff?

We believe that retailers should consider the following factors in relation to the impact on their staff: managed parking only affects staff who choose to drive to work. There are many others who currently use public transport or other means to get to work, and for them the new changes will have no impact. The parking fee is low compared to what it costs to park for a full day in inner Sydney. Royal Randwick Shopping Centre is well serviced by public transport with buses along Belmore Rd and the nearby light rail. This approach aligns to other shopping centres in the area.

Do I have to park anywhere in particular on B2 to access staff parking rates?

Staff parkers can park anywhere on B2, but must park on B2 to receive staff parking rates.

Why do I have to park on B2?

We want to provide the best possible experience for our customers, which includes convenient and available parking. By reserving B1 for customers we are providing them with the most convenient parking in the centre.

What happens if I don’t park on B2?

If you do not park on B2 the staff rate will not be applied to your parking for the day and you will be charged as a customer. The staff rate activates when passing the second licence plate reader located on the B2 ramp. There is another licence plate reader on the upwards ramp from B2 to B1 that records when you have left the staff parking level.

Can I leave and come back?

Yes. If you have a staff profile with us you can leave and then come back, the system will only charge you the one amount of $8 per day, provided that you park on B2 each time you park.

I have an old staff parking pass - what should I do with it? my current staff parking pass?

From Thursday 10 November, all staff parking access cards will be deactivated and will not provide access to the car park. From this date, there will be a drop-off box for your staff parking pass located at the bottom of the pedestrian ramp to B2. Any passes that are dropped here will be recycled by Centre Management. You can also return your pass to the Centre Management Office (10am-2pm Monday – Friday).

What happens if I visit the centre as a customer?

Whether you park on B1 or B2, you will receive 2 hours free parking. After 2 hours, if you have parked on B2, staff parking rates will apply. If you have parked on B1, normal rates up to the maximum daily rate of $35 will apply.

Are there any changes to monthly parking arrangements?

If you are a monthly staff parker or have another arrangement, you will continue to pay for your parking in the same way but must register via the online portal to access the car park.