At OPSM, we love taking care of eyes. Beyond the world’s best brands and over 85 years of experience, we’ve got all your eyewear and eyecare needs covered. Our dedicated professionals and optometrists use a range of advanced optical technology, and we consider your unique needs and lifestyle in providing our customised eye-care solutions. OPSM also accepts all Australian Health Funds, we also have partnerships with over 25 health funds to provide you with a range of great discounts.
Your eyes are constantly changing, which is why at OPSM, we are committed to making sure that every Australian is getting the vision care they need, no matter what stage of life you are at. Visit OPSM today for a bulked billed* standard eye test.
OPSM. Life Focused.
*For eligible Medicare cardholders. OPSM recommends that you schedule regular visits with your optometrist based on your eye health needs.


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20 Jun - 17 Jul 2022